Real time & mutual delivery feedback

Guideer is the perfect solution for tracking your fleet, booking jobs and dispatch them to a smartphone. Follow the progress, let your customers track the arrival in real time & receive feedback to improve your service.


Tactical Map

Track your colleagues on a map while they’re on the go. You can add unique driver statuses, which gives perfect feedback to your dispatchers.


You can also set E-mail, SMS notifications to every status of a task. Are you nearby? Send out an SMS so your driver won’t waste time..

Book & Dispatch

Assign customers’ orders right to your colleagues’ smartphones. Monitor their performance based on the type of task specified by you.

Customer Information Interface

With the help of our built in notification solution you can easily navigate them via an E-mail or SMS to a responsive website where they can give & get information.

Unique Task Types

Tasks can differ! Every task has different statuses, which you can configure according to your business needs.


Receive feedback from your customers. Gather feedback and information on customer satisfaction based on the criteria specified by you.

Cloud based application

This means you don’t have to install or maintain servers at your site. Guideer handles them all.
Guideer Android application collects GPS data and sends them to Guideer cloud. Your dispatchers and customers can track your vehicles by accessing Guideer servers.
Dispatechers can send out tasks, interact with drivers and customers via a web browser.

Your customers don’t need to download any application to access the data you want to share with them. Customize this shared information according to your needs!


Dispatcher web app to book & dispatch tasks

You can track all your colleagues on a tactical map.

You can set up different driver states (e.g.: on duty, off duty) so you can easily check availability on the map.

Send out tasks and follow the progress.

Driver app to manage tasks & send position data

Android application sends GPS data to Guideer which shows the driver’s position on the dispatchers’ map. Drivers can receive tasks from dispatchers & send feedback about the progress. You can configure unique tasks based on your business needs. Guideer Android app has a built-in chat interface, so drivers can send and receive messages from the app

Customer Information Interface to give & receive customer information

Letting your customers know where their order is has never been easier. Book new order & send out confirmation e-mail or SMS with a shorten link included. Let them track your driver in real time on the map so they can calculate the arrival. Give information about your driver so they are going to look familiar on arrival. Receive feedback & build a personal relationship with each customer.